About Our Training


  • Drafted by New York lawyers to ensure compliance
  • Useful explanations of New York and federal laws prohibiting harassment
  • Explanations through realistic examples of behaviors considered to be unlawful harassment
  • Hands-on practice identifying behavior that is (and is not) acceptable for work
  • Detailed explanation of the reporting and investigation processes
  • Discussion of available remedies
  • Overview of expectations for supervisors
  • Tips to encourage appropriate workplace behavior


  • Interesting and interactive
  • Quiz questions throughout the training to ensure understanding
  • Codes numbers included throughout training videos to ensure the full training is completed
  • Certificates auto-generated once the employee scores 80% or higher on the final quiz
  • Group management page to easily manage a workforce of any size

Group Management Features

  • Group Leader(s) have access to a unique and confidential group management page
  • Add and remove users
  • Add and remove Group Leaders
  • Monitor employee progress and quiz scores
  • Easily run reports to track/document employee progress
  • Receive email notifications when an employee fails a quiz

Scope of Service

This training is intended to assist employers in meeting New York’s mandatory training requirement for sexual harassment. It is solely the purchasing employer’s responsibility to implement and use this training. Employers with questions about using this training should contact The Coppola Firm (info@coppola-firm.com).