FAQs for Group Leaders

Congratulations on choosing this New York State-compliant sexual harassment prevention training for your workforce. You’ve taken an important step in both educating your employees and complying with New York laws.

These FAQs are designed to make registering your employees an easy process.

How can I purchase a group training?

You may purchase a group training here. You will be prompted to name your group and identify the number of employees you need to train (licenses). You may purchase additional licenses at a later date, if needed.

Your group name will be revealed to members of your group and to The Coppola Firm. Your group name will not otherwise be made public.

I purchased a group training for my employees. What’s my first step?

Visit your confidential and unique Group Management page. This is where you will be able to manage most aspects of your group training including adding/removing group members and monitoring your employee’s progress and quiz scores. This page only is visible to your group’s group leaders.

To get started, you’ll need to add members to your group.

How do I add members to my group?

You may easily add members to your group from your Group Management page.

To add an individual user click Add User, then click One User and select the Add and invite user option. Input the employee’s name and email address and then click Add User. If you send an enrollment key, the employee still will be added to the group, but not until the employee enrolls using their unique enrollment key. When the employee is added, the employee will receive an email with instructions about how to complete the training.

To add a small number of users, click Add User, then click Multiple Users. Input the employees’ names and email addresses and then click Add & Invite Users. The employees will then receive an email with instructions about how to complete the training.

To add a large number of users, click Upload Users. This will give you the option to upload an excel spreadsheet including a list of employee names and email addresses. Simply upload your CSV file and then click Add Users. The employees will then receive an email with instructions about how to complete the training. If you select the Supress Email option, employees will not receive an instructional email and you will need to distribute instructions and enrollment keys manually.

What is an enrollment key?

An enrollment key is a unique code that permits an employee to use a license that you purchased to complete a training.

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What does the email to my employee say?

It gives him or her step-by-step instructions about how to login and how to complete the training.

How do I monitor the progress of members of my group?

Your confidential Group Management page allows you to see that, too. Simply scroll through the list of enrolled users to see whether the employee’s training is Not Started, In Progress, or Complete.

For additional details about the progress of your group members click Training Report. From this screen the system will list each of your users and display has a percentage how much progress (or not) he or she has made.

What do I do if a user loses his/her enrollment key or login information?

The easiest solution is to remove the user and then re-add him/her. This will generate a new email to the employee with instructions about how to complete the training.

Am I able to see my employees’ quiz scores?

Yes, that’s easy too. From your confidential Group Management page click Quiz Report. From there you can see the results from any quiz included in the training. We include several mini quizzes with one or two questions. You will likely be the most interested in the results of the final quiz which determine whether the employee has passed the training.

Am I able to obtain a copy of my employee’s certificate of completion?

Certificates of completion are provided to employees upon successful completion of a training. We are working to make the certificates of completion available to Group Leaders as well.

In the meantime, you are able to see employees’ quiz scores and whether they have completed a course from your confidential Group Management page. By selecting the Quiz Report option on your Group Management page, you can create a spreadsheet that compiles all of your employees’ quiz scores for any quiz contained in the training.

Can I remove a user from my group?

Yes, as long as the user has not started the training. From your Group Management page, simply check the box next to the user’s name and then click the Remove User button at the top of the page. If you need to remove multiple users, you may do so by checking multiple boxes before clicking Remove User.

Can I add an additional group leader to my group?

Yes, you may easily do this from your Group Management page by clicking the Add Group Leader button.